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Products for Sale

Totebag for walkers  

We have these great tote bags for sale. Very  handy for use at home or when you're out and  about.

The bags are made from durable washable fabric  lined with rubber backing. They feature two  smaller front pockets and one rear pocket
larger pocket. They are easily accessible and fit  neatly on the walkers.

Great for storing essentials for shopping, keys  etc.

Just $10 per bag plus $5.50 postage and  handling or you can collect one at our next  meeting.

Lanyard for ID cards etc

Are you always losing your keys/phone/memory card ?

Are you tired too of trying to explain our condition ?

Why not use our wonderful new, strong SCAA lanyard ?

Minimum price is just $3.00 - BARGAIN!!!

The sale of these items is supporting your  organisation!!





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